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Dating back over twenty years, The Relevancy Group principals were there setting up some of the first stores on CompuServe and Prodigy.  Since that Jurassic period of the Internet's commercial dawn we have been at the forefront of the operational necessities and market research to best understand the opportunities that the digital landscape can afford the organization and the consumer.   Our services are steeped in such knowledge and experience, aiming to optimize business practices, marketing endeavors and change management to make the most of these opportunities.  Our consulting services can assist in driving business transformation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our Consulting Services Consist of Items Such As ...

"The Relevancy Group has applied its expertise in the area of platform development, thought leadership and strategic positioning, keeping us at the forefront of the email marketing industry for years to come.        David Geller - CEO, WhatCounts

 - Strategic Market Analysis
 - Sales Representative Readiness and Competitive Training
 - Product Development, including Product and Company Positioning
 - Go-to Market Analysis of Prospect Behaviors and Attitudes
 - White Paper Development and Marketing Plan Development
 - Speaking Engagements including Conferences and Webinars
 - Market Survey Development, Delivery and Analysis

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