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The Value of Usability
Driving Marketer Creativity Through Application Flexibility
Authored by David Daniels The Relevancy Group, Sponsored by Lyris

Poor application usability stifles not only marketer productivity but, as importantly, creativity.  Too often marketers are asked to adapt our daily process to meet a one size-fits-all workflow that requires them to make sacrifices and create work-arounds to shorten the work day.  But through this process, lost is the very notion of being the creative marketer that we all strive to be. It doesnít have to be like this.


This white paper details the profit-generating power and efficiencies that such a user-centric solution can deliver.   Download this free white paper and get access to the usability questions that every marketer should be asking during the vendor selection process.  Focusing on usability in the vendor selection process delivers the realization of which applications offer the power and efficiency to gain time and freedom to unleash the marketerís creative mind.

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The Value of Usability9 pages, 3 graphics 

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