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The Social Inbox: The Impact of Facebook Messages on Email Marketing
Authored by David Daniels, January 2011  

New research from The Relevancy Group is based on a survey of consumers 13 years and older. This first of its kind research on the impact of Facebook Messages and Facebook Email unveils market shaking implications about consumer email switching attitudes and digital communication behaviors.  With over 15 charts, the report covers email switching behaviors and detailed information about mobile email adoption.  Including information about consumer attitudes towards relevancy trends, tactics and market implications, The over 40 page report answers these questions:

  • What is the current state of email use, including mobile email inbox adoption?
  • Will consumers adopt a Facebook email address and which demographics are most likely to switch?
  • What are current email address switching drivers and behaviors?
  • What are the implications of Facebook Messages on the online economy, including Webmail Providers and Email Marketing Service Providers?
  • Which strategies and tactics are necessary for marketers to mitigate risks and maximize Facebook Messages opportunities?
  • How many consumers share email marketing content on Facebook or Twitter and how does relevancy play a role in advocacy?
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The Social Inbox: The Impact of Facebook Messages on Email Marketing
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43 pages 16 charts
This report is available digitally in Zeta Next Page for Flash equipped computers and the iPad.
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