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The Relevancy Ring - ESP Buyers Guide, 2014
Authored by David Daniels, Chris Marriott, Nick Einstein, Mary Bryant January 2014  

The Buyer’s Guide evaluates ESPs in the enterprise and mid-market sectors, highlighting customer satisfaction across these fourteen companies. Each ESP is given a placement in “The Relevancy Ring” based on quantifiable panel data drawn from studied performance in the email inbox, a survey of nearly 400 email marketers as well as a broad vendor questionnaire and demos of multiple use case scenarios. 

The report leverages thousands of data points and provides not only an assessment of vendors but also one of the most comprehensive analysis on the state of the email marketing industry.   The report covers the following areas

  • Email Marketing Technology Deployment Types

  • ESP Services Utilization

  • Marketer's Satisfaction Levels with ESPs

  • Current and Planned Email Marketing Tactics

  • Challenges and a View into Organizational Structures

  • Email Revenue Attribution

  • 2014 Marketer Priorties

  • The Top Criteria and Features that Marketers Use When Selecting ESPs in the Mid-Market and in the Enterprise

  • An Overview of ESP Contract Length

  • The Relevancy Ring Customer Satisfaction Awards, as Voted Upon by Their Customers in Over a Dozen Categories

  • An Evaulation of 14 ESPs in the Mid-Market and Enterprise Markets as well as Analysis on Each Company

  • And Much More ... The report is 45 pages and over 12,000 words and 32 charts.  It is comprehensive!

An excerpt of the report can be found in the digital magazine The Marketing Quarterly.  Register for a free annual subscription.
The Relevancy Ring ESP Buyers Guide 2014

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45 pages 32 charts
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