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On-Premise or Outsource-Exploring the Impact of Technology Deployment on Marketing Effectiveness
Authored by David Daniels, December 2012  

As Data Sources Proliferate and Email Marketing Complexity Increases, the Relevancy Group Explores Which Type of Email Marketing Technology Deployment Options Most Improve Effectiveness

Each year marketing complexity and the amount of data that marketers use for their email marketing endeavors continues to increase. Due to these factors, consumers are exposed to an increasing number of email marketing messages each day, and they have reported in The Relevancy Group consumer surveys that they will simply delete the marketersí message if it is not relevant or comes too frequently. Therefore, marketers must continually improve their tactics to remain relevant.
Given the maturation of both on-premise and out-sourced email marketing solutions, The Relevancy Group sought to investigate the impact that different marketing technology deployment options have on marketing sophistication as well as customer effectiveness measures.

The Relevancy Group conducted a survey of 418 executives that were familiar with how their marketing programs operate and the technology that they use. This survey was conducted in September 2012 and focused primarily on marketers in the Retail, Travel, Financial Services and Publishing/Media industries, although many other industries were sampled as well. In this survey, The Relevancy Group captured information on budgets, tactics, results and a variety of other details about their marketing programs.

Key Questions:
 - What is the outlook for marketers to adopt on-premise email marketing technology?
 - What are the reasons organizations use on-premise marketing technology versus outsourced options, and what benefits do they cite?
 - In what ways are on-premise marketers different than those who using outsourced technology?
 - What impact does marketing program tenure have on the type of technology that organizations deploy?
 - What is the difference in the value driven by on-premise deployments as compared to outsourced deployments?

On-Premise or Outsource: Exploring the Impact of Technology Deployment on Marketing Effectiveness

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