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Personalized Marketing and Real Time Data
The ROI on Synchronized Cross Channel Marketing
Authored by David Daniels The Relevancy Group, Sponsored by Intelisent

Email use continues to remain strong as 93% of consumers utilize it on a daily basis.  Consumers demand relevance and penalize marketers who mail too frequently or in a non-personalized manner by simply deleting these untargeted messages. Marketers must begin to embrace mailings that are personalized on an individual basis. Mailings must also be part of campaigns that are orchestrated in a connected and coordinated fashion across online and online channels. Marketers who embrace segmentation and personalization experience fewer challenges and greater results than their unsophisticated peers. Marketers who orchestrate their mailings have revenues that are four times higher and profits are almost six times higher than their non-orchestrated peers. This paper provides tactical and strategic advice to implement orchestrated marketing in a cross channel fashion.


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