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Embedded Video In Email 
Exploring It's Viability As a Marketing Tactic 
Authored by David Daniels, The Relevancy Group,
Sponsored by The Relevancy Group

The Relevancy Groupís members have an early advantage in exploring the uses and outlook of Embedded Video in Email marketing. Although the Embedded Video in Email sector really only began maturing two years ago, this researcher has addressed the topic during the past decade in a variety of formats, including a book on email marketing. Video in email has always made sense in theory, but technical challenges made it impractical for general applications. This paper leverages data from The Relevancy Group surveys, interviews with marketer end-users, and other sources to shed light on best practices for this emerging approach to email marketing.  You will learn something, Enjoy!  


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Embedded Video In Email

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7 pages, 3 graphics 

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