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Benefits to Outsourcing Marketing Analytics
Tactics To Efficiently Leverage Big Marketing Data
Authored by David Daniels with Chris Marriott, The Relevancy Group,
Sponsored by Express Analytics

Marketing objectives remain fragmented, channels operate independently of one another, and the ability to determine the value of a customer remains an aspirational goal in most organizations. Thus, while the value of marketing analytics across channels is acknowledged as a key driver of smarter customer engagement, organizations struggle to manage this in-house. Those who attempt in-house cross-channel marketing are often frustrated with the disappointing ROI (Return on Investment). This is creating a growing opportunity for outsourced marketing analytics solutions to help organizations bring disparate channel data together into a single marketing software suite. More and more companies are looking closely at these solutions as a means to lower marketing costs as well as improve the experiences of their customers and prospects.


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Benefits To Outsourcing Marketing Analytics12 pages, 12 graphics 

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